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 Your wound may have been treated by suturing (stitches) or steristrips (butterfly plasters). The method depends on the type of wound.

Keep the wound clean and dry.

Do not cover with waterproof fingerstalls, plastic bags etc. unless advised, as this will make the wound soggy and prone to infection in certain circumstances.


You have had sutures in your wound. To be removed in about 5 days by your doctor. You are responsible for making the necessary appointment.


You may remove the Steristrips after 5 days. The wound should be moisturized for ten minutes. Then gently peel from each end to the centre of the wound. This can be done at home or by your doctor.


There is a small chance the wound will re-open. Don't worry - come back and we will take care of it.The redness of the scar may take 6 months or more to fade

.                               If the wound discharges or becomes painful, red or swollen, inform your doctor.

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