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Instructions to Patients with Plaster of Paris Casts

You should not

Walk on this plaster as your plaster may take up to 48 hours to dry (unless told otherwise).
Write on your plaster until it is dry
Get the plaster wet
Poke anything down under your plaster.
Keep your sling on longer than instructed. Sling it!
Cut, knock or bump your plaster

You should 

Exercise your fingers/toes, shoulder and elbow joints.
Elevate your plastered limb whenever possible.
Take care of your plaster, it takes time to apply and costs between 5 and 30.
Use the crutches as instructed. Please return them when no longer needed. They are in great demand! 
Return at once if any of the following appear in your fingers / toes:
        Severe Pain 
        Marked Swelling 
        Blueness or discoloration 
        Inability to move fingers / toes 
        Numbness or pins and needles 
Telephone or return if your plaster:
        Becomes loose or is otherwise uncomfortable 
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