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Commonly, minor injuries occur in the neck after road accidents. This causes pain to develop in the muscles of the neck, maybe not immediately but after a few hours. This usually gets worse over the first 24-36 hours then gradually gets better, although this may take some time.

An X-ray is not usually necessary for the assessment of your injury.

The treatment recommended is to wear the supporting collar provided. It is usually best to remove it at night and use pillows to support the head. A rolled up towel placed behind the back of the neck at night when lying flat helps to relieve the discomfort.

Do not wear the collar all the time: remove it regularly and gently move the neck to avoid becoming reliant on the collar. You should not use the collar for more than a week in total.

Do not drive in the collar.

Take the painkillers recommended regularly to relieve the discomfort.

If we have made no arrangements to see you again, and the pain persists, or if you develop 'pins and needles', seek the advice of your doctor.

Correct Sleeping to Avoid Neck Pain Instructions to Patient
1. Sleep always on a firm bed either on your back or on your side. Do not sleep face down. 
2. If you sleep on your side, there are two points that are important. 
See that the head and neck are straight, i.e., in line with the rest of the spine (as in fig. 1, and never as in fig. 2). The number
  of pillows may be 1 or 2 or more, depending on their thickness and firmness, but just the right number to keep the head
The arm on which you are lying must be kept in front of the chest not under it or behind (see fig. 3). 


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