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 Any injured knee can make walking difficult and painful. Following these exercises will help keep the knee supple and also strengthen the thigh muscles.

Stop any exercise that causes Increased Pain.

Position yourself on the floor or a bed, with your leg supported straight out in front of you.Press the back of the injured knee against the surface 5 times, relaxing it in between, tightening the thigh muscle.

In the same position as before, raise the leg 2 - 3 inches only, 5 times, relaxing it in between.

Sitting as before, place a small cushion or pillow under the knee. A rolled-up towel will also suffice.

In this position, raise your foot until the knee is straight. Hold this position for a moment, and then relax it. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Repeat the previous exercise, but with an additional weight of up to 4 lbs (1,800 grams) placed upon the ankle.Something from the kitchen cupboard weighed and placed into 2 polythene bags tied together would suffice.

Sitting on the edge of a bed or high chair, with your knee bent. Raise your foot until the knee is straight.Lower it back to the original relaxed position and repeat 5 times.

If discomfort continues, or you have any further problems, please consult your doctor.

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