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You have received treatment today for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

'Hypos' can happen very quickly and may be caused by:
Missed or late meals 
Too much insulin/tablets 
Alcohol (particularly after drinking on an empty stomach) 
Too little food 
Hot weather 
More exercise than usual 
OR no obvious reason!


1. The treatment you have been given is aimed at restoring your low blood sugar back to normal range.
2. It is important that you are able to eat and drink before you go home so that you are not re-admitted again later for the
    same reason.
3. Before you leave you should be given advice about adjusting your normal dose of insulin/tablets if appropriate.

Your blood glucose levels may be high for several hours afterwards - Don't Panic!


Having an episode of hypoglycemia requiring assistance from another person is considered severe hypoglycemia. It is illegal to drive with blood sugar levels below 3.5mmol/l.

You should not drive until control has been re-established

This is particularly important if you do not have any awareness ('warning signs') that your blood sugar is going low.

             Carry with you some quickly absorbed sugar at all times, e.g., glucose tablets, sugar cubes, along
                                                                         with identification.

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