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Following Acute Emergency Treatment for Asthma

What should I do?

Following an episode of emergency hospital treatment for acute asthma it is essential that you follow the advice given to you by the staff. It is important to make sure that your asthma continues to be contained; you should arrange to see your doctor as soon as possible after your visit to hospital. It is very important that he/she knows what treatment you have had. Your doctor will continue to monitor your progress until control is established again.

1. Make sure you understand what to do with any medication that you may have been given.
2. Take your medication regularly.
3. If you have a peak flow meter-check your peak flow morning and nigh until your best or predicted reading is maintained. 
    Keep a diary of your readings. 
          If your asthma becomes worse or your peak flow starts to fail: Contact your doctor immediately

How to recognize bad asthma
 Your inhalers do not give relief. 
Terrible nights awake with coughing and wheezing. 
Bad mornings: short of breath on exercise, coughing and wheezing.
Reduced peak flow readings.

If you notice any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.  It is important that you take your asthma and your treatment seriously.

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