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  l. Elevate to reduce swelling keeping your foot well up above level of your bottom.

 2. Apply ice, in a towel (not directly onto the skin) to ease pain, swelling and bruising. 

METHOD:Use frozen peas,or crushed ice in a damp towel
               Place around elevated ankle for 10 minutes.
               Repeat 4-6 times a day.
CAUTION: Ice can cause a burn. Protect sensitive skin with oil. Follow instructions.

 3. Exercise every hour for ten minutes, especially after ice treatment. If you hold your ankle stiff in an awkward position it will 
    become more difficult to move it from that position, i.e., it will stiffen up.


Wear elastic support during the day, from the base of your toes to below your knee, like a long sock. Shorter ones may interfere with the circulation and cause more pain and swelling.
Take it off at night and remove it if it is impairing the circulation.
Take simple painkillers for the first few days if you feel you need help with the pain.
Walking - Rest for the 24 hours after the injury. Try to walk with even strides. (Heel first and then toe.) Put as much weight through foot as pain allows. Wear sensible shoes and avoid standing still.
    If pain increases or swelling gets worse, contact your doctor.


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