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                                           Advice for Patients Suffering from an Episode of epistaxis
Epistaxis (nose bleed) most often occurs in the winter. The cold dry air-dries out the lining of the nose. They also happen more if you pick your nose.

To Stop a Nose Bleed:

1. Sit quietly, slightly forward and press two fingers at the sides of the nose. Pinch the sides of the nose together hard. 
    Apply the pressure for a full 10 minutes. Breathe through your mouth.
2. Application of ice-packs is also recommended. Use a few blocks of ice in a plastic bag and cover with a tea towel or 
     flannel. Place over bridge of your nose for at least 15 minutes. 
3. Once the bleeding has stopped. Sit and rest quietly. Avoid picking or blowing your nose or sniffing. Avoid hot drinks as
    these may induce the bleeding again. 

If you have had your Nose Packed:

We have packed your nose with a special type of gauze. Both nostrils are packed to put pressure on the bleeding point. Your General Practitioner should remove the pack in 24 hours. Do not disturb it until then.

Avoid very hot drinks and too much activity.

If your nose starts to re-bleed in either case and you are unable to stop it, 
contact your doctor or return to the Emergency Department.

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