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 Advice to Patients Suffering with an Eye Problem

Eye Pad 

If your eye has been covered with an eye pad, it may be for several reasons:
To stop the eyelid rubbing over the surface of the eye, giving the eye a chance to heal, or 
Because you have had anesthetic dropped in your eye and you need the pad to protect it. 

Try to keep the eye pad on for 24 hours - the nurse will show you how to apply it.

NB: You should not drive with an eye pad!

We have put antibiotic ointment in your eye and you are to continue using this for the next 3 days, 4 times a day. Please store in a cool place.

To apply the ointment:

1. Pull down the lower eyelid. 
2. Squirt a strip of ointment along the bottom lid. 
3. Close the eye for a minute to allow it to dissolve into the eye. 

Your vision may be slightly frosty for a few minutes

Pain relief:

You will probably have some pain from your injury. We advice simple painkillers such as paracetamol, which can be brought from your local chemist.


You may have been given an eye clinic appointment at Beirut General Hospital. Please keep this appointment.

                  If your eye is no better after 48 hours, please see your doctor or return to the department.

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