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 Your child has sustained a head injury, and following a thorough examination we are satisfied that the injury is not serious. It is expected that recovery will be rapid and complete.                                                

DO expect your child to feel generally miserable and 'off color'. Do not force your child to eat, but make sure they have enough to drink.

DO expect your child to be more tired than usual. Allow your child to sleep if they want to. Just pop in to see them every couple of hours.Do not be confused between normal sleeping and unconsciousness - someone who is unconscious cannot be woken up - you need to be satisfied that they are reacting normally to you. 

DO expect your child to have a headache - Paracetamol may be given for this.

DO keep your child quite and resting as much as possible. Keep your child away from school; discourage active games, watching television and reading until the symptoms subside.The symptoms of head injuries should improve steadily, and the child should be back to normal within a few days. Even after a minor head injury, complications may occur, but these are rare.

                                             If symptoms worsen, or you notice any of the following signs
Difficulty in waking from sleep 
Appears confused, or is not understanding what is being said to him or her 
Complaining of severe headache, or trouble with their eyesight 
Cries more than usual, or is more difficult to settle than usual 
Becomes irritable 
Has any kind of attack which you think is a fit 
If your child starts to vomit 

                          Then you are advised to contact your doctor or the Emergency Department without delay

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