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This is information has been provided to help you and/or your family deal with a burn.
Superficial burns to the limbs or body may be dresses with an antiseptic cream and layers of dressings.
Please keep these dressings dry and clean. Take painkillers regularly if it is painful.
Elevation of the affected limb, when possible, will help relieve discomfort.
Burns to hands and feet may be treated with antiseptic cream in a plastic bag. The idea of this is to allow the fingers and toes to move to prevent stiffness. The skin may become white and soggy; this is normal and nothing to worry about. It will settle quickly once the bag is removed. Some burns may take a couple of weeks to heal when treated in this way.
Superficial burns to the face are treated with the application of Vaseline to prevent drying of the skin. Any crusty patches can be gently washed with soap and water and dried carefully then re-apply the Vaseline.
Your burn has been dressed, and this dressing should remain undisturbed until your attendance at hospital unless:
1. Fluid seeps through the dressing. 
2. It becomes accidentally wet. 
3. You experience increasing discomfort after initial improvement. 
4. You feel ill and/or develop fever.

            In which case you should see your doctor or return to the department.

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